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This is a significant time for the Compassionate Plymouth Movement, which has now been constituted – a big step that opens up many new possibilities for the movement and anyone who would like to become involved in any way.

It has been decided that the steering group will use the winter to re-brand and we will have a re-launch in 2020.

Meanwhile we are inviting individuals to sign the Charter for Compassion, organisations, businesses and any other groups to *become a partner, and schools to sign the Charter for Compassionate Schools.
*Simple steps to become a partner

Charter partner Hope in the Heart has received funding for two compassion-focused projects to take place from Dec 2019. Participants are invited to take part in FREE workshops exploring how to facilitate compassionate transformation for individuals, community and wider world. Information below – booking is essential. Please contact

The Spirit of Community will unite citizens of Plymouth from diverse backgrounds to create a combined vision of a compassionate community, based on community spirit.

Over six workshops, from December to May, this vision and its elements will be shared with Plymouth University School of Architecture students who are working to design a more compassionate city. The project will culminate in an public and online exhibition and celebratory event to showcase the vision.
More information here

Ageing Gloriously! (AforAll) will bring together a diverse group of women aged 48 and over to explore and celebrate what it means to be an “Older Woman”, happily challenge stereotypes associated with the status, and set goals for a glorious future. There will be four workshops, and younger women will be invited to the final one for an inter-generational “wisdom exchange” and celebration of the power of women of all ages.
More information here


The inaugural General Meeting of CP took place on Tues 16th July at Engage Church, St Levan Rd. It was preceded by an informal briefing on the evening of 10th July at the Clipper Inn (for those unable to attend on the 16th). Both engendered some exciting discussions about the potential future of the CP movement, and the CP Constitution was approved and accepted.

Participants at the Informal Briefing on 10th July

Inaugural General Meeting 16th July

April 2019: Hope in the Heart cic received funding in 2018 from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, via POP+, to deliver free workshops for anyone wishing to know more about the growing compassion movement, in Plymouth and beyond. The final cohort of workshops took place in February and March 2019. Facilitated by Tam Martin Fowles, with support from Bev Smerdon, local partners and Compassionate Community Ambassadors, the workshops have brought together a wide variety of compassionate people whom we hope have been inspired to spread the word about Compassionate Plymouth and remain in touch and involved.

Creating the Compassionate Community:
How can a more compassionate lifestyle, starting with self-compassion, impact your life and community?  
Tues 5th February 2 – 5pm

This workshop took place at Union Corner, one of the community venues renovated for the benefit of local people by Nudge Community Builders – many thanks to them for hosting us, and so effectively modelling what compassion in the community can look like.

Compassion, Health and Wellbeing :
How can compassion for self, others and community affect all areas of health and wellbeing?
Thurs 21st February  10am – 1pm

In partnership with
Drake Medical Alliance and hosted at Wycliffe Surgery – many thanks to both for contributing to this vibrant exploration of the importance of compassion for a healthy, fulfilling enriched life

Designing the Compassionate City:
How can compassion be reflected in urban design, and citizens contribute to the vision of an inclusive, nurturing community?
Friday 22nd February  2.30 – 5pm

An exciting collaboration with the University of Plymouth School of Art, Design and Architecture, hosted by Associate Head of Architecture Andy Humphreys and a visionary group of students who are working on projects focused on designing a more compassionate built environment in Plymouth.

Members of the community joined them, and us, to consider how compassionate action and vison can transform the built environment, learn about the students’ inspiring projects, and contribute ideas and insights to support their work. We hope this will be the first step in a long and dynamic collaboration.

Compassion in Diversity:
How can we transform our city, through compassionate action,
to challenge division and celebrate our rich diversity?  

Friday 15th March, 1.30 – 4.30pm at City College

In collaboration with City College. Thank you to City College staff and third- year Public Services degree students, who welcomed a large group of local people from many different organisations and backgrounds to explore the complex and important issue of diversity in Plymouth.

All our workshops aim to be informative, interactive, inspiring, and fun.
If you would like to know more, please contact us

For a variety of compassion-focused, and bespoke, workshops and consultations for groups and organisations please visit the Hope in the Heart website or contact Discounts are available for organisations that become partners of Charter for Compassion and Compassionate Plymouth.

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