CP Focus and Aims

Compassionate Plymouth Movement
In Association with Charter for Compassion International

Focus Points

(Please note these are currently being revised by the CP steering group)

  • Bringing together disparate groups in Plymouth already engaged in compassionate action
  • Engaging and uniting with partners to celebrate diversity and challenge prejudice, discrimination and hate crime in Plymouth
  • Engaging Compassionate Schools and Universities

Aims and Objectives

  • To create a united community of Charter Partners in Plymouth
  • To unite organisations already working compassionately
  • To model and inspire compassionate action, empathy and cooperation within the diverse communities of Plymouth
  • To raise awareness of the Charter for Compassion and Compassionate Plymouth
  • To engage youth in compassionate action by recruiting schools, universities and youth groups to CP and CfC
  • To have an awareness-raising presence at local festivals and events such as Holocaust Memorial Day, Respect, Pride etc.
  • To work with members of Plymouth City Council on addressing issues that require compassionate action
  • To compassionately address issues around death, dying and bereavement and the people they affect
  • To create, maintain and model valuable connections with other compassionate communities in the UK and worldwide
  • To create and share a model for other UK communities to follow

Contact: tam@hopeintheheart.org    bev@lifeplaylearning.com compassionplymouth@gmail.com

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