Pause for Thought – Join the Compassion Revolution!

(Originally broadcast on BBC Radio Devon Pause for Thought)

This is the last of my morning Pauses on compassion, and it has been a privilege to share them with you. I hope they have got some antennae twitching and that your lives are already being enriched through noticing and committing acts of compassion.

When we resolve to live more compassionately, we learn to look for the compassionate choice in every situation, moment to moment. While we may notice ourselves caring more about others, sometimes that choice is to find a balance by practicing self-compassion first.

Becoming part of a compassionate community, and joining the global compassion movement, is an adventure and a joy. Knowing that, all over the world, ordinary, extraordinary people are doing what they can to live more compassionately, just like us, can change our world-view and motivate us to be the best versions of ourselves, every day, without the pressure to be perfect.

Compassionate Plymouth is new and growing. We need and welcome individuals, groups, organisations, businesses, schools and institutions that would like to commit to living more compassionately, and transform their lives and community. We’re offering free workshops for representatives of organisations in February. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

There is also the opportunity to connect with like-minded others around the world, sharing ideas, experiences and resources in the spirit of compassion. And you don’t have to live in Plymouth to get involved!

To learn more, or express your interest, please fully explore our very new website, visit the Compassionate Plymouth Facebook page, or contact me,

Thank you for listening.

Tam Martin Fowles

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