Pause for Thought – Caring for our World

We live in a world that continually provides for us. A visit online or to the local shops can meet our nutritional and material needs. We have easy access to natural beauty. We have fuel to help feed and warm us and our leisure requirements can be met in a huge variety of ways.

There is so much for us, as human beings, to be grateful for in this incredible world. And it’s important to consider what we can contribute in return.   

Our Planet Earth is suffering, and desperately in need of our compassionate action. Global warming, pollution, and environmental destruction are causing devastation, and it’s easier to turn away from this stark truth than towards the alternative of altering our lifestyles to save our world.

If we want to commit to a compassionate lifestyle, we cannot ignore this most vital issue.

There is a vast amount of information available online, in books and through environmental organisations about how to be more environmentally responsible, and every one of us can make changes that will contribute to a brighter future for all. Knowing we are doing our best to be part of the solution, rather than feeding the crisis, can bring a satisfaction far greater than the initial discomfort of altering our habits.

What could be a more fulfilling use of our compassionate energy than to better care for the world that has cared for us so well? In doing so, not only are we showing compassion for our planet, but also for the generations yet to come. 

Tam Martin Fowles
Originally broadcast on BBC Radio Devon Pause for Thought

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